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Hornady’s brass cases offers re-loaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity. The cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well.



308 marlin express

I made some from 356 win. brass. You push the shoulder back slightly and the case needs trimming. I didn’t load any yet so you should check the neck dimensions in case reaming or turning is required.But if you have 307 or 356 brass it is an easy way to get your brass for the 308.

So far, all I’ve used is fired LeverEvolution brass. I think the 307 brass would be the easiest. I haven’t tried to locate some 307 brass, yet.
The LeverEvolution ammo shoots really well in the 308MX. I wonder how long it will be before we can buy the brass.

hornady cases

307 Winchester brass is thicker than 308 Winchester brass. Is 307 Winchester brass thicker than 308 Marlin EX brass? If it is, don’t you need to use less powder for 308 Marlin EX recipes? I wonder, if 308 Winchester brass were used, would 308 Marlin EX recipes would need to be reduced?

Also, does anyone have any reloading recipes? I heard some people say they were going to use 300 Savage reloading recipes as a starting point for 308 Marlin EX reloading recipes. How do you feel about using 300 Savage reloading recipes?

.308 Marlin express

Busy week, I thought I had posted on making .308ME from .444 brass.This is the hard way to go about it and requires inside neck reaming. Makes a good case though.
I believe .307 Winchester – or .356 – would be the way I would go if I were planning to make very many.
I have been looking at Hodgdon 4895 and 150-grain bullets. So far just with starting loads from .307 data. I am looking for the gilt-edge accuracy some others have seen but I have not got there yet.
I have a Burris straight 4X Short Mag scope on mine and I sure like it.

Edit] Forgot to mention the .307 is on the lef and the .308ME on the right.

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