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Hornady’s brass cases offers re-loaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity. The cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well.



308  Winchester brass

I’m sure I already know the answer but I’m going to ask the question;

I gave away a ton of once fired brass with the intent to stick with one brand.

I’ve found brass in both .308 Winchester and .308 Winchester Match

The rifle I plan to purchase brass for has a .308 Winchester Match chamber, and was built by Spartan Precision (stupid accurate rifle).

I’ve shot FGMM .308 with great results.

I’ve reloaded my own .308 recipe with .308 brass and achieved slightly better than great results.

The reason for .308 Winchester Match, I assume, is that the brass is a closer match to my chamber vs fire forming .308 brass, correct?

Winchester brass

So is it then just a marketing gimmick to ask more for .308 Winchester Match than .308 Winchester

Depending on the “Match” reamer spec, your chamber may be tighter in the body/shoulder (Obermeyer), tight-neck, or have a different throat/leade (95 Palma, M118 Match). What is your “Match” chambering spec?

As for the brass, supposedly some mfr are more stringent in weight and thickness of the brass. Others such as LC, Match basically means there is no primer crimp or uses OTM projectile.

Sticking to one mfr of brass makes sense regardless. At least you will find one load and be consistent. Peterson seems to be the new standard for quality brass.

Hornady Cases

So then ‘Match’ brass is marketed the same way as ‘Match’ ammo; more consistent overall vs non-match.

I guess it’ll just be safe to buy something like Peterson brass for my .308, and I can just ignore the ‘Match’ part since quality brass will be much more consistent anyway.

I’ve got a lot of Nosler that I’ve had great success with in my .300wm

We can put this thread to rest then; I only asked because I happen to own (and have seen online), .308 Match chamberings.

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