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Hornady’s brass cases offers re-loaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity. The cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well.

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35 Remington

Whenever I read the work others have done with the .35 Remington, I’m increasingly grateful for the incomparable work of this forum’s “.35Remington”. It takes a particularly dedicated “loony” to invest so much time and effort in the kind of documented research he’s provided us. Kinda off topic, I suppose, but thanks, .35 Rem., just the same.

hornady cases

I have had four 35 Remington chambered Marlins. All of them have been superb. I even cut one down to a 12 inch stock and 16 inch barrel for my daughters when they were young. They started with very light loads and worked up to hunting loads…all in the same rifle. Using 357 mag handgun bullets and cast slugs, up to heavy big game bullets.

Many do not realize that the 35 Remington case is not based on the 358 Winchester case, nor does it have the ‘06 head size. The 35’s head size is .460 to the ‘06s size of .473…the length is 1.9 inches vs. the .358 Win case of 2 inches….so the closeness of the cases in size and appearance can fool the casual observer. But that is where it all stops..the 35 Rem is a 40,000+ CUP round in the Marlin..where the .358 Winchester goes well into the mid 55 thousand pound levels in bolt action rifles. And the Marlin levergun can not go there.

35 Remington

I once saw a short action Mauser bolt action rifle in South V/Nam marked 9.1mmX 49mm (something like that, 40 yrs later…memory..where have you gone?) Imagine my surprise when the owner showed me a cartridge….you guessed it..it was a 35 Remington in size and shape but manufactured by a French firm. The rifle had been manufactured in the 1930s and was gorgeous…the owner told me…and I believed him, since he had the head mounts….that he used it tiger hunting as well as everything else in that part of the world, except Asian elephants.

The 35 Remington Marlin …
better than it used to be…

I used it for years with all kinds of handloads, bullets jacketed and cast, pistol powders and rifle powders….subloads to warm loads. I eliminated pests from the size of crows and vultures, to feral dogs and feral pigs, and harvested deer and black bear by the score. When the bullets and loads were right, it was a killer of game..when they were not, it wasn’t. But of course that wasn’t the fault of the rifle or cartridge….the right bullet for the right job…is always more an answer than even velocity and muzzle energy in any caliber.

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