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Hornady® Unprimed Brass Rifle Cases are made with the same precision, attention to detail, and focus on perfection that makes them a world leader in bullets and ammunition. Measured for consistent wall concentricity and pressure-tested to ensure uniform expansion. Engineered to ensure proper bullet seating. Hornady Unprimed Brass Rifle Cases deliver optimal velocity and repeatable accuracy

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6.5 Creedmoor

I fired a round that was loaded the third time and it had 5 splits in the neck, so tried one that was loaded twice and same results. So I unloaded all of them and squeezed the necks with pliers and they all either split lengthwise or around base of neck. Then I tried a new one and it split so it looks like even the new brass need to be annealed before firing. Has anyone else had this problem with Hornady brass.
Just recently started loading for the Creedmoor and starting on the 2nd go round with some brass. In other cartridges I haven’t had any issues with Hornady brass.

Hornady Cases

When we got my rifle we went to our LGS and while buying dies, and a package of new brass I found a box of 20 once fired Hornady Whitetail brass someone had sold the store. I bought this along with 50 new pieces intending to use the 20 for load development then load the 50 with loads that worked best.

As of this writing the 20 has been fired 5 times (including the factory loading) and it is still in great shape. No issues of any sort whatsoever.

6.5 Creedmoor

It sounds to me you likely got a bad batch of brass. I would expect Hornady to make it right.

Some of this brass is from factory ammo and some from purchased brass, cracks are typical neck cracks that you get from too many reloadings. I have one batch of 338 Winchester brass that got a shoulder split after one or two firings and years ago some 270 Remington brass that on second loading I could push side ways on the bullet and snap the necks off. I think some the bulk brass that is for sale is not first quality. I only use new brass for hunting and save fired brass for checking zero.
Definitely contact Hornady. They will make it right. I have no trouble with my Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass.
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