Reloder 26 In Stock

Reloder 26 In Stock, Every container of Alliant Smokeless Powder is backed by a century of manufacturing experience and the most exacting quality control procedures in the industry. Chemical composition, grain shape and size, and overall density are constantly checked and tested in a ballistics lab to ensure consistency.

Achieve awesome ballistics with new Reloder 26 from Alliant Powder. The propellant’s burn speed falls between that of Reloder 22 and Reloder 33, and it incorporates EI technology to produce extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges. Reloder 26 has a high bulk density that allows larger powder charges, and it provides a consistent, controlled response to temperature changes.

Reloder 26

Warnings from the Manufacturer:

  • Do not exceed the loads displayed in the reloaders guide.
  • Never mix any two powders regardless of type, brand, or source.
  • Never substitute any smokeless powder for Black Powder or any Black Powder substitute.
  • rl26 powder


  • EI technology produces extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges
  • Contains proprietary de-coppering additive
  • Controlled temperature stability
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency
  • Formulation contains no DNT or DBP
  • Reloder 26 In Stock



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Shipping Weight 1.000 Pounds – 8.790 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes
HazMat Product Yes


Alliant Reloder 26
reloader 26

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1 Pound, 8 Pound

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Modest

    Just rebarreled my Md70 with a Hart 1:9 twist to shoot the Nosler Accubond longrange 150gr bullet. I got the group down to a .4″ group but when I switched to the Berger 150’s it shrunk to .15″ and the muzzle velocity was 3143fps by a magneto chronograph. The load was two grains under Alliant max load.

  2. 04

    by Dearmore

    I’ve seen good results with this powder in a few different cartridges, a 243 win being one of them. It was bothering me that I couldn’t use it in my 260 rem or so I thought because there was no load data from alliance. I started comparing 243/260, powders and bullets and came up with my own load for the 260 rem with reloder 26 and 143gr eld-x bullets.

  3. 04

    by Hood

    Just started working with Reloder 26 and I like it well enough to spend some time with it. For now, I thought I would pass along some results on velocity from a couple of loads. 24″ Barrel – 200 Feet – 52° 7MM Remington Magnum – 140 grain AccuBond – 71.0 grains RL-26 – 3,210 fps. 7MM WSM – 160 grain AccuBond – 71.0 grains RL-26 – 3,190 fps. Both of these loads weigh just shy of Alliant’s data for similar Nosler bullets. Work up your own loads from the data you find at Alliant, but I thought my results might be of interest to some. I hope Nosler and Hornady will soon give us some data on both RL-26 and RL-23.

  4. 04

    by Frankline

    First rifle vanguard accuguard 300 wby mag 24 inch barrel and is brand new to me so I can’t comment on accuracy good or bad.I used alliant load info as close as I could and split the difference between 180gr and 220gr load info listed to load my 200gr loads. I used new necked nosler brass with win. magnum primers. Temp was 60* at 1100ft for both rifles/loads info. I loaded up some 180gr accubonds over rl26 at 83.5grs, 84grs and 84.5grs. 84.5grs was the more accurate load and clocked 3152fps through a magnetospeed chrony. I seen no signs of high pressure what so loads were 200gr barnes lrx-bt over rl26 at 81gr, 81.5grs and 82gr. At 82grs they clocked 2921fps and again showed no signs of high pressure. Browning a-bolt 2 270 wsm 23 inch barrel, Norma brass with win. magnum primers. 130gr ttsx-bt over rl26 69gr, 69.5gr and 70gr.

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