Winchester Large Pistol Primers #7


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Large Pistol Primers

Winchester Large Pistol Primers #7

SKULLANDCROSSBONES65 you can look on the Hodgdon’s web site for load data as far as powder and bullet weight. If you look at a given bullet weight you will notice that W296 and H110 has the same exact data.

That because W296 and H110 are the same powder,made by the same company both names owned by Hodgdon’s, just sold under different brand names. So if you can’t find W296 you can use the H110.

Example from the site
240 GR. NOS JHP Winchester 296 .429″ 1.600″ 23.0 1413 25,200 CUP 24.0 1522 36,200 CUP
240 GR. NOS JHP Hodgdon H110 .429″ 1.600″ 23.0 1413 25,200 CUP 24.0 1522 36,200 CUP

Nice reference. Are you sure CCI #41 and #34 are magnum primers???? I get the same point of impact with these as with regular primers. Just has a hardened cup to prevent slamfire in M1 and M14.

Hammonje CCI rates the Mil-Spec #34 and #41 primers as magnum primers,I use the #34’s in my SKS rifles but i don’t load to MAX anyways but close with no problems. I called CCI to confirm it and it’s on the web site also. The main difference between the two Mil-Spec primer vs. standard primers is the anvil in the cup it’s shaped differently and not set quit as deep in the cup as a standard primer plus there harder so it can take the firing pin strike from free floating firing pins without going off,of course if you you have a high primer all bets are off even with the Mil-Spec primers. Other issues can case slamfires also soft primers are just one of the issues.

buy Winchester Large Pistol Primers

CCI #35 – commercial version of the fully-qualified DOD primer for use in U.S. military ammo.

Primers recommended for use in .223 Rem/5.56 semiautomatic rifle loads:

CCI #41, 450, BR4 (#41 & 450 good with ball powder)
Federal 205, 205M
Remington 7 1/2 BR (good with ball powder)
Winchester WSR (good with ball powder)
Wolf SRM (good with ball powder)
Wolf SR223 (hotter than SRM – great with ball powder)

Primers recommended for use in .308 Win/7.62×51/7.62×39 semiautomatic rifle loads:

CCI #34, 200, BR2, CCI 250
Winchester WLR, WLRM (good with ball powder)
Wolf LR

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